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What We Do

Al-ikhlas school

Al-Ikhlas School

AHS fundraises and manages the finances of Al-Ikhlas School’s operations. AHS also oversees the education provision of the school, including the recruitment and training of the teachers, and monitoring the overall quality of education provided there. AHS also liases with external groups and individuals to bring in enrichment programmes and other activities for the students.

Supporting Communities

Al-Ikhlas also acts as a centre for 300+ Rohingya families living in the area, providing a location for the community to gather and for external groups / individuals to distribute donations and run activities for the children and community.

Supporting Communities

Refugee Emergency Fund


The “Refugee Emergency Fund” or REF, is a programme in which funding assistance is offered for emergency situations faced by the wider refugee community, the majority being for medical expenses (comprising ad-hoc cases such as accidents and deliveries, and long-term ones such as cancer and diabetes) and problems with rent.

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