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With very little resources at hand, AHS is always happy to welcome and/or collaborate with other organisations to carry out activities at the school/centre for the benefit of the refugee students and the community – the 300+ families and individuals - living in and around the school. This may be in the form of programmes (e.g. mobile clinics, health workshops, English language classes), donations of food, clothes and other necessities, and also sponsorship of students as well as funding for chronic medical needs for members of the community.


Our partners this year include the International Medical University (IMU) IMUCares programme who are running once-per-month English conversational classes for the students and Radiant Retreats that have organised joint activities between students from Al-Ikhlas School and two international schools in the Klang Valley in Janda Baik and at Al-Ikhlas School itself. 


For enquiries on partnering, please contact us using the form below or e-mail us at

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