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Helping Oran Asli Community


Helping Orang Asli Community

Al-Ikhlas also acts as a centre for 300+ Rohingya families living in the area, providing a location for the community to gather and for external groups / individuals to distribute donations and run activities for the children and community. Workshops and events from external groups are also provided for the benefit of the community at the centre. Essentially, the centre provides an opportunity for the community to connect with each other as well as with the Malaysian public (which is rare considering language is a barrier and that they are often invisible to the system) and to access aid if and when required.
AHS also lends a hand to refugee communities outside the vicinity of Al-Ikhlas School. Over the past 3 years, and especially since the start of the pandemic and MCOs, we have extended our reach to provide groceries and cash aid to Rohingya communities in Serdang, Puchong & Ampang, the Somali group in Gombak and Pakistani families in Rawang. 
Additionally, AHS has also collaborated with a few partner organisations in the past few years to reach out also to Malaysian B40 communities. For example, running a fundraising campaign with Projek Asal Ventures & Spartanmomcrew to send groceries and aid to Orang Asli communities during the Covid pandemic and during the floods in 2021. We also collaborated with LittleAnnaKitchen to send food aid to PPR communities.

A pciture from an NGO that donate food to Ali-Ikhlas Community
Helping orang Asli Communities in Malaysia.
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